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Illustration by David Wright c. 1940s

I’m doing so good with the no weed thing. I haven’t even been drinking as much either. :) I crave opiates a lot still, but I’m not actively seeking them. I don’t think the craving for opiates will ever go away, but I think I’m learning to live with that fact.

My NA teacher apparently doesn’t know how bleach works because she made the bleach water solution too strong and it completely ruined my pants. I am beyond furious. If one drop of the solution is strong enough to leave huge streaks and splotches on my pants, then you used too much bleach, dumbass.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I gain five pounds by the time this course is over because I literally alternate between sonic, taco bell, and subway for lunch. There are no choices in this goddamn town. I can’t wait to be able to stay home and sleep in.

I talked to a girl today in my class who was trying to convince me that they were actually raising the drinking age to 25. She said she knew it was true because they are preparing for it at her job (she works at a gas station.) This means that the hoax was so successful that it is affecting people’s jobs now. So fucking hilarious.

I’m gonna be having babies with a white man. I hope they come out with my skin tone, but I doubt it.