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Photo credit: Henry Bear

A normal brain(right) compared to a brain afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease

My coworker is pregnant. Here I am, instantly jealous like, when da fuck am I gonna get to have a baby.

I’m so exhausted and miserable right now. I love school, but it is starting to make me hate work. Most nights I just wanna go home so I can get enough rest. I need an extra day off here pretty soon.

I can’t take this shit. The girl I sit next to in my class makes this noise constantly that I cannot stand. I am easily distracted by noises like that and it is setting off my misophonia like crazy. I hate humming, it is literally the most annoying thing in the world to me. It basically sounds like she is saying “mmhmm” over and over again every 15-20 seconds. I just want to shoot myself in the face, but more so I want to tell her to shut the fuck up.

I’m stopping the hormones by age 25 if I don’t decide to get pregnant, or choose another birth control method before then.
Ten years is as long as I am willing to take these pills. At that point it will be barrier methods or babies.
I’m kinda hoping for babies.

I almost hit an old man riding a bicycle on the side of the highway today. He was trying to get his balance and almost fell into my lane. Scary shit, for real.

People seriously need to grow the fuck up and stop causing drama. I like you, but the moment you open your fat mouth and start talking shit, you become someone I would hate to associate with. Seriously, it’s embarrassing, so learn to keep your opinions to yourself.

I’m up to 7 diphenhydramine a night to fall asleep. And they say this shit is non-habit forming.

School starts Tuesday.
I’m scared.