bad habit
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I almost hit an old man riding a bicycle on the side of the highway today. He was trying to get his balance and almost fell into my lane. Scary shit, for real.

People seriously need to grow the fuck up and stop causing drama. I like you, but the moment you open your fat mouth and start talking shit, you become someone I would hate to associate with. Seriously, it’s embarrassing, so learn to keep your opinions to yourself.

I’m up to 7 diphenhydramine a night to fall asleep. And they say this shit is non-habit forming.

School starts Tuesday.
I’m scared.

I told bae if nursing doesn’t work out I’m gonna be a stripper and he nodded and said “sounds good.”

I love him so much 😋
He would support me no matter what.

So it took 6 hours at the hospital for inconclusive results, but at least we know that there is nothing wrong with his internal organs. He also made out with 15 Vicodin, as well as getting some morphine and Vicodin while in the facility. He’s gonna share the script with me tomorrow, we gonna get faded. 😝

Another evening at the ER. Hoorah. 😒


Artist Maskull Lasserre carves imagined skeletons into souvenir sculptures and decoys. Decoy Study (Duck), 2014. 15 x 5 x 6 inches.

Sarcanogus (paint on laser print) by Chad Wys (web/tumblr)
Little bit of color for today.